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The wisdom of bridges comes from the fact that they know the both sides, they know both shores!


The strength of our hotel company lies in the bundling of expertise under one roof: at Convexus Hotel Management venture capital managers, expert hoteliers and other industry professionals work together hand in hand. Collectively, we provide hotel asset solutions to both institutional and individual investors and hotel owners, from hands-on development to full third-party management and long-term lease solutions.

Our focus is on “non-branded management” ensuring flexibility in implementing any brand or franchise on the property with the aim of achieving optimum operational performance and asset value maximization.

Our core value and mission is to deliver best in class management support services with integrity, honesty and open communication.

Our vision is to be recognized as most respected hotel management company in the region.


As there are no one-size-fits-all operating model, we offer range of services. Depending on the size and standard of the property, and the suitability and availability of potential brands, we can help to find most suitable cooperation module for You:



Under a lease structure, we assume all operating responsibilities together with all the financial obligations by signing lease contract and becoming a tenant of owner property for specified period of time, in return for periodic payments. Rental structures can be either fixed rent, share of revenue or net operating income, as well as hybrid module (ex. fixed base rent + share of revenue).


Under hotel management agreement (HMA) we will take over the operations of the owner property in exchange for a fee. We will deal with all management issues including operations management; finance and asset management; revenue management and yield strategies; concept development; pre-opening planning.

TPO (Franchise)

As third-party operator (TPO) we will be bridging the gap between owners and brand companies. Franchises provide the owner with the right to operate the hotel themselves under a brand name and to have access to the franchisor’s distribution and marketing systems, however brand managers will aim to present the brand in the best possible light and can therefore be less concerned with achieving economies in operation. By choosing this model of cooperation, we will help our clients to identify the best-suited franchise for their assets, negotiate a favorable contract with brand managers; we will get involved with day-to-day hotel operations according brand requirements with the aim of optimising profitability and the value of our client hotel and estate assets.



Whether you are in need of short term or long term, full time hospitality management services, contact us today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your current challenges, needs and visions to determine if Convexus Hotel Management is the right choice for you.

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